Dental Crowns

Tooth Caps for Pittsburgh, PA Area Patients

Dental Crowns, Tooth Caps in Pittsburgh, PA - South Vue DentistryCrowns are common, highly-useful dental restorations that offer patients better function, lasting aesthetics, and can help resolve uncomfortable conditions. Also called caps, these restorations surround damaged teeth. A crown can provide much-needed reinforcement for a tooth and protect it from further decay or even infection. Additionally, crowns impart an attractive look to teeth suffering from cracks, darkening, or areas of decay.

Fillings are often appropriate for areas of small or superficial decay. However, a tooth is not indestructible. When decay becomes extensive, or a tooth has suffered trauma, a crown could be the solution you need. To find out more or to make an appointment, please contact South Vue Dentistry at (412) 835-2288 now.