Groove and Pit Sealants

Dental Sealants in Pittsburgh, PA

Dental Sealants in Pittsburgh, PA - South Vue DentistryThe molars, the teeth in the very back of your mouth, are often troublesome. It’s difficult to reach these teeth with a toothbrush and dental floss, so many patients do a less-than-perfect job of cleaning their molars. However, the shape of your molars also makes these teeth prone to decay.

Your molars contain deep pits and grooves. These “nooks and crannies” are perfect for trapping food particles and allowing harmful bacteria to flourish. Here is where dental sealants come in.

Sealants are thin polymer “shields” that Dr. Howard brushes over the molars. Just like water sealant protects a deck or porch from rot, dental sealants protect your teeth from decay. There is no drilling or surgery necessary to receive sealants. The material is simply brushed on and hardens. Sealants can easily last for several years.

Children should receive sealants at around six or seven years old, but adults can also have sealants. If you’re encountering trouble with tooth decay, sealants may be able to help. Just get in touch with us at (412) 835-2288 for more information.