Root Canal Therapy

Endodontic Treatment in Pittsburgh, PA

Root Canal Therapy in Pittsburgh, PA - South Vue DentistryWhen the nerve tissue inside a tooth becomes infected or exposed to the air due to a fracture or decay, a root canal is a time-tested method to relieve the pain and avoid tooth loss. Dr. Howard at South Vue Dentistry, along with local specialists, is properly trained and skilled in root canal therapy. Our goal is to save your tooth and eliminate pain caused by the infected nerves.

After completely numbing the infected tooth and gums surrounding it, Dr. Howard gently removes all the infected tissue, or pulp, from inside, including the nerves and blood supply. He then places a specialized filling material inside the canals and seals them so that no further infection can occur.

Using the latest technology and modern dental materials, Dr. Howard provides root canal therapy that allows you to keep the tooth for many years and relieves your acute pain and discomfort. Call our office at (412) 835-2288 today to schedule an examination to see if root canal therapy can address your unique needs.