Ultrasonic Cleaning Therapy

Advanced Technology in Our Pittsburgh, PA Dental Office

Dental Cleanings in Pittsburgh, PA - South Vue DentistryAt South Vue Dentistry, we understand that some aspects of a dental visit can be unpleasant. For example, the scraping of instruments across your teeth during your dental cleaning can be nerve-wracking to many patients. To maximize your comfort, we employ the latest technology.

Our ultrasonic cleaning therapy reduces scraping – the sound as well as the sensation. Our ultrasonic instruments vibrate faster than the speed of sound and quickly remove plaque, tartar, and bacteria. Only the tip of the instrument touches your tooth, making for a more comfortable experience. Ultrasonic instruments also make treatment faster than with traditional hand instruments.

You can count on Dr. Howard and his team to put your comfort first. Make your appointment today by contacting us at (412) 835-2288 .